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21st century lovin.

“If you were a Janet Jackson song, what song would you be?”, I Tweeted to him. It was a supposed to be a fun question and from there the Twitter conversation flowed steadily.  It was a lot of charming and … Continue reading

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How Not to Get Eaten by Lions

I was at work on the weekend and this conversation took place: Him:  Hey can you explain Project X to me? Me:  Sure.  What do you want to know? Him:  Everything. Me:  Well they sent an email about it… Him: … Continue reading

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My man cheated on me.

Maybe I’m late to the party, but is cheating on your significant other just a thing we do now?  In the past month, I’ve come across way too many close and casual friends who have been cheated on, that I’m … Continue reading

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Who deez betches, anyway?

I’m pretty sure that I’m a feminist.  Don’t get me wrong: I love my Y chromosome, I love my peen, and I’ll be a ride or die bitch for my homeboys for life.  But I always picked Chun Li when … Continue reading

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