Keep on… till the world ends

Since my workdays are generally comprised of sitting in an office and waiting to die, my mind, on occassion, has a tendency to wander.  Last week one of my co-workers asked: 

“If you knew that the world was going to end in an hour, what would you do?”

Everyone chimed in with thoughts of gathering their entire family, or making passionate love with their spouse,  or even going up to that one person who has been getting on their nerves, punching them in the face and saying, “Bitch, you ain’t right”.  As for this Boy with the Care Bear Tattoo, I think I would just go someplace quiet so that I can sit and breathe. 

Reason being:  I hate feeling rushed, and everything listed above would entail a massive sense of urgency that I can’t be bothered to put in.  Think about the effort it would take to gather everyone you know, or find that person you want to love/punch.  And what if those people have things that they want to do?  It’s their apocalypse too!

I’d like to think that I’ve done a good enough job with the letting the people I love know how I feel, and hopefully  there would be no need for a last minute scramble.  I would of course, call my close and personals – my parents, my brother, my boo – just to say a heartfelt goodbye.  I might send a couple of texts to those people who have walked this path with me.  If I’m being truly honest, I would also Instagram a selfie of waiting for the world to end (#Apocalypse2013, #ApocalypseOfInstagram).  Maybe I’ll dance a bit, or eat an orange, or take a nap. If the world comes to an abrupt end, I’d like to sit and luxuriate, while waiting for the zombies to come and kill me. 

Happy Holidays, y’all!







About theboywiththecarebeartattoo

30 something. Love 90s music. Read leadership books. Read comic books. Love tai chi. Love chai tea. I just have a lot of thoughts and feelings.
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