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Guuuurrrrrl, Interrupted.

So my musical kryptonite is R&B girl groups.  Much like Kim Kardashian and basketball players I can not resist them *ba-dump-chink*!  Whether they were extremely successful (TLC, En Vogue, SWV), moderately successful (Total, 702, Xscape), one hit wonders (Brownstone, Kut … Continue reading

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Seduction, baby…

You. You are looking at me.  I know you want me. This waiter is kind of a loser with a big butt.  He is looking at me.  I know he wants me. So here we are in this extremely crowded dim sum … Continue reading

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So I work for a fitness company and I love it!  I’m usually surrounded by like-minded, goal-oriented, and positive people.  Plus, they’re also quite sexy and bumpy in all the right places.  RAWR! Last month, at one of our gyms, I … Continue reading

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Chuesday Chunes

For those of you who well, give a shit, here’s what DJ iPod is spinning for me these days.  Just a heads up:  some of theses songs are old… like Jason Priestley old!  And it’s not that I have a … Continue reading

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To TJB, on his 32nd birthday….

Did anyone watch that 1996 Michelle Pfeiffer movie, “To Gillian on her 37th birthday”?  I didn’t.  But because of its very clumsy title, I have NEVER forgotten the name of that movie and I’ve actually made fun of it numerous … Continue reading

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It’s kind of like seeing someone use a Discman in public.

It’s 20-fricking-11, do people even start blogs anymore?  Hell, do people even read anymore?  Do I even have a point of view?  Is there an audience for the ramblings of an occasional Filipino insomniac (note:  I’m permanently Filipino and only … Continue reading

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