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Is Karma the bitch? Or am I the bitch?

“Karma’s a bitch.” – Aristotle – So a bit of a small tragedy happened today:  my car got broken into.  I parked, and I left my window partially open because it was 40 degrees today and it was hotter than hot … Continue reading

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Ghetto Fabulous

Today at work, I overheard someone clandestinely describe me to someone else as “ghetto trash”.  Now I’m not really one to get caught up in words and I do believe that it’s much more important to examine the context of … Continue reading

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Tonight, we are young.

So I’ve been living the past 7 days in a totally hedonistic lifestyle.  I’ve eaten everything, I’ve guzzled every drink and I’ve made out with everyone.  Living like a carefree teenager is so much more fun when you’re an adult.  Sure, you … Continue reading

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Let’s hear it for the boys!

When it comes to my musical hugs and therapy, I usually rely on my homegirls.  Mary J helps me with sass, Alicia Keys helps me with class, and Beyonce helps me with ass.  But I have to give credit to … Continue reading

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